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Windows 8

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Hi there,

I've been using Camstudio on my windows 7 laptop for awhile and love it. I just tried it on a new windows 8 desktop and I'm having problems. I'm able to record a short segment and when I hit stop, the file is created and plays back fine but I'm not prompted to save it anywhere and I can't figure out where to retrieve the file. Any suggestions?


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    Change the setting in Options/Program Options/Name of AVI file to "Ask for Filename" so you can save it somewhere you can find it. At the moment, it is saving to the temp directory, possibly in the users/yourname/Applications/Camstudio folder, but possibly in a temp folder in there instead.


  • That indeed was the problem. Much obliged! I can now save the file but the audio is very broken up. I use a Microsoft webcam as my audio source and it's worked well in the past. I switched to a cheap microphone and it worked much better (although less volume) but I only got sound from one speaker.

  • I can think of no reason why the audio would be broken up, unless it is simply turned up too loudly. In what manner is it breaking up?

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