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Is anyone using camstudio for education/lecture capture?

Hello everyone,
I work for OSS Watch, the open source advisory service for UK education based at the University of Oxford.

As part of our work, we're producing a list of open source alternatives[1] to proprietary applications that are of use to educational institutions.

I've included CamStudio on the list as I can see it being a useful tool for recording demos or simple lecture capture. Where possible, I'm trying to include real-world examples of software on the list. Is anyone here using CamStudio in this way, and would be willing to share a bit of information with me for the document?

[1] http://oss.ly/osoed


  • All the walk-through videos for the volunteers at http://ncwildflower.org were created using CamStudio, and most can be viewed by the public at their YouTube channel:


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    Also, the tutorial videos I made for CamStudio itself were made using the program. The playlist for those is available to see here:

  • Thanks for your response Terry,

    However, I'm really hoping to find an educational institution who's used it for lecture capture or creating learning resources, rather than just general examples of people using it to create screencasts.
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    I used CamStudio to capture activity on Google SketchUp for this video:

    My department has since purchased a license for Camtasia, though, so I do my screencast tutorials using that.

    I once had to set up Skype calls with another university in Jordan. Rather than stay up until midnight to talk them through installing and configuring Skype, I made up a set of streaming tutorials for them to view at their convenience. For that I used Wink (www.debugmode.com/wink) and posted them to a PBworks wiki (winktutor.pbworks.com). Had I known about CamStudio at that time, I would have used it instead.
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    That video was fantastic! I didn't know you could use Sketchup to such an extent - I'm passing this information along!

    What settings did you use to record the Sketchup portion? The video seemed quite smooth, and sharp enough for that window size.

    I've added your old CamStudio how-to overview to my playlist of CamStudio videos. It is a good overview. When 2.7 comes out, I may follow your format in making an overview for it.

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