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Re: 2G file limitation issue - a fix!

edited August 2013 in Announcements
I'm posting this for oscarsinbad (Oscar), who had trouble posting it the day he discovered the trick.
The program Oscar mentions - SuperC Video Converter - can be found here. http://www.erightsoft.com/SUPER.html
Scroll past the ad (don't click it by mistake!) to read about the program. The download link is at the very bottom of the page.

Re: 2G file issue. Just created ID and site would not let me post. Hope this goes through.
Happy New Year.
Saw 2 files after 33 minute screen grab - one temp .wav file and one 2.7G .wav file. Took the wav ext off the bigger file and then dropped it into SuperC, which seemed to identify the codec as MS Video 1 even though the supposed codec was Indeo 5.10.
SuperC then was able to preview the file so I converted it to a wmv, which became over 7G! But it worked and then I was able to use a video edit pgm to combine the wav file and the new video file. The wav file was about 30 seconds shorter than the video file, so I extended the sound file and the two files sunk up pretty well.
Since I did not see this workaround, I thought I would pass it on.
Thanks for the program and the updates.
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