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Clean playback on desktop, choppy playback online

edited May 2009 in Support
Hi. I am wondering why my .swf plays back nice and clean on my desktop, but choppy online.

I used Cam Studio to film a text-to-speech gadget online, the result is clean when replayed on my desktop. However, when I upload it to my web site, the playback repeatedly halts, breaking up the sound every few seconds. I wrote to my web host about it, because they support media streaming, but they can't offer an explanation for why this is happening.

Here's an exmple:


It's clean when playing on the desktop of my laptop, IBM Thinkpad, but gets choppy after I uploaded it here and view it online. I'm on a DSL line from Bell Canada (Sympatico). Is this choppy for you, breaking up the speech, or is it just choppy for me?

Thanks for your time.
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