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Start once, will not start again

edited January 2013 in General Discussion
I can start Cam Studio once but if I accidently close it, it will not start again. I click, get the hourglass for about a second, then nothing. I tried moving the Cam Studio out of the Program Folder and also looked in the system tray, based on some other posts in this forum, but none of those changed the situation. (My circumstances might be, if not unique, a bit odd. I'm using Cam Studio under Win XP sp3 but under BootCamp on a Macbook). Still, I've made a successful test recording but it's been a bit cranky. Not sure if that's because of me or the program...


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    The program is probably still running and needs to be killed either from the system tray (by the clock) or by the task manager by killing the process manually. This usually comes from closing the program (or thinking you were closing the program) from the task bar, when all you really are closing is the "flashing" window. The program keeps on running. I've also seen it keep running after changing video settings, but only have heard of that once just recently.

    It may be a bootcamp issue, but I have never tested under bootcamp, so I am only grasping at ideas in that case.

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