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CamStudio 2.7.2 r326 Is Now Available To Download



  • I just uploaded a review and short tutorial to YouTube. Let me know if I left anything out that you need answered.


  • Here is a more complete tutorial, from downloading through making the right settings to hitting the record button.

    Let me know if I left anything out - I can add stuff through annotations or re-do the video at another time.


  • I could not get the installer to work for me it always got stuck @ 93% and I tried many many times and it always got stuck @ 93% ...
  • You'll have to clear your cache and try the download link again - you wound up with the broken one and clearing the cache will delete it and force the browser to get the new one.

    Don't forget to read the installer and un-check the other offered software if you do not want it installed!

    (PS - to join the Facebook group you need an account on Facebook that relates with the email address you want to use, to reply to your other message.)

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    Any place where we can report bugs for v2.7? Maybe add another category next to CamStudio 2.6 Beta Support for CS 2.7.

    Nevermind. Found it.
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    Cool! [Edit: Where??]

    I'll add an explicit 2.7 bug report discussion.

  • don't want to scare monger but when i downloaded the installer from the website avira popped up to say it found an addware thing in it
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    Yes, so I've heard. Well, there IS an Adware thing in it! So, Avira is working. Un-check any and all boxes presented, do a custom install, etc. and it is not supposed to install anything BUT CamStudio 2.7 - let me know if it does!

    I did make an explicit 2.7 bug report discussion sticky at the top if you'd rather post there.

  • Producer Help is missing from the zip file linked in comment #5 above
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    I thought there were no help files at all? See the FAQ instead


    or get 2.0 from the legacy folder at Sourceforge and copy over the help files.


    This video explains how.


  • Screenshot of Zip with Help, plus Producer Help error

  • yeah I see it from Recorder now too...they're looking for HTM files instead of the CHM
  • You'll just have to use the 2.0 help until we get them transferred over to the .chm format. That is one of the things we were hoping the new advert-supported installer would help pay to get fixed.

  • I've tried to install CamStudio, but keep getting a missing .dll error message. Any suggestions before I give up?
  • You need to install the 32-bit Microsoft C++ runtime libraries.

    Use the 2010 version for 2.6c onwards.

    Use the 2008 version for 2.6b and earlier.

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    New version everybody!

    2.7.2 r326

    Added MP4 container support ready for AVI 2.0 function - changed output toolbar to single rotating
    Fixed sync issues when recording is paused and restarted

    Builds r321 - r325

    Internal Builds

    2.7.1 r320

    Fixed bug in update notification routine to detect x.x.x minor version updates
    Changed time elapsed during recording in main panel from 'xxxx seconds' to 'x hours xx mins xx secs'
    Removed the "No camstudio.cfg found" notification routine to minimise confusion for new users
    Fixed 'key polling' conflict with CamStudio recording during a Minecraft session
    Fixed long-standing pixelation issue with CamStudio central panel and refreshed design
    Removed unnecessary dialog box from appearing when update xml on CamStudio server not detected

    2.7 r319

    Internal build

    2.7 r318

    Fixed certain audio UI elements that didn't work with Vista and Win7 - now CamStudio autodetects OS
    Added seperate default output directory (My Documents > My CamStudio Recordings)
    Added new default temporary recording directory (My Documents > My CamStudio Temp Files)
    Removed Use Application Directory as an option for temporary recording directory

    2.7 r317

    Internal build
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    I have tried several things, and so far, I have been unable to get the 2.7.2r326 version frm this site. I have found several malware-laden installs that claim to be 2.7.2, but force-install mountains of crapware and malware -- even the version on SourceForge appears to be infected. How do I get the 2.7.2 version without malware?
  • Apparently CamStudio_Setup_v2.7.2_r326_(build_19Oct2013).exe is not anywhere on the official camstudio.org site, but I found it at http://downloads.ddigest.com/software/download.php?sid=183&ssid=0&did=3

    There is a file by the same name on SourceForge.net, but I have not verified that it is actually the same file. These days, I'm seeing some really bad reviews of stuff on SourceForge, so my previous trust in that source may have been misguided.

    Beware when installing, and READ EVERY SCREEN CAREFULLY. TWICE. The crapware installations are very sneaky, especially the first and last one. There is no obvious indication that the first one is not actually for CamStudio. In fact, it's just a solid block of tiny print, deliberately designed to discourage you from paying proper attention to it. Then, when you get to the next-to-last screen, you are given the definite impression that you are actually finished, but there is one more... It is made to look like it's just a confirmation, but it's actually one more crapware installation.

    There is a special place in Hell for people who do this sort of deception.

    I think you are not doing yourself any real favor by pissing people off this way. It would be fine to have explicit and obvious affiliate offers -- and CamStudio is a good enough program that I would probably have gladly examined and maybe even purchased other products that they had for sale, based on the quality of CamStudio. (hint, hint)

    But now that you folks have thoroughly pissed me off, that's not likely to happen.

    BTW, the Chrome browser refuses to download the 2.7.2 file (probably with good reason). I had to use the Microsoft virus magnet (IE) to get it.
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    This is the one at CamStudio's Sourceforge page: http://sourceforge.net/projects/camstudio/files/stable/

    The 2.7.2 r316 is virtually identical in every way to the r326 on the camstudio.org website, and is a normal installer with no advertising.

    I agree (and so does Nick) that this advertising company's methods often seem insidious, and they sometimes sponsor offers that are much worse than crapware, accepting clients who are pushing real malware (which Nick has to ask them to remove from our offers).

    r316 is actually better - the fix it attempted in order to make Minecraft players happy never worked right anyway.

    Most freeware is being monetized these days by crapware pushing advertiser supported installers. So, everyone should be very cautious when installing anything free now.

    Use the http://malwarebytes.org free scanner and malware removal tool. Be aware that the last step of its installer offers a free trial of their premium version. If you do not like "nag screens" then do not accept the offer (which is checked by default to accept it...)

  • Thank you Terry for the direct link to the crap free version folder.
  • you really need to get rid of that pop up wndow ( with the number "1" inside) that gets recorded with the video when you use the keyboard shortcuts to control recording. Unless there is some other way to prevent that. Makes it useless from screen capture... 2.7 ver 316 was ok.
  • rhampong,

    I totally agree. That is why I still use 2.7 v316 myself. But for those not using keyboard shortcuts at all, the new one is fine and has some new stuff.

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