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CamStudio2.7r316 requires internet connection for installation

edited February 2013 in General Discussion
Thanks for this app however this app requires internet connection for installation. I personally never ever have internet connection on my desktop just for these kinds of reasons, so that apps do not start connecting outside world.

Anyway I am sure I am not the only one with this issue. I will dig in and find an early version of this app to install it.

just my 2 cents


  • kartal, please check your inbox here. - Terry
  • Curiously, I uninstalled CamStudio 2.7 and ran the installer again but with my Internet connection turned off, yet it installed just fine!

    I wonder if it was checking whether the Microsoft C++ runtime libraries were loaded and, if not, was attempting to get them, since they are necessary. Or perhaps my test was fruitless because the files were already in some temp folder and it simply re-used those?

    Inquiring mind wants to know!

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