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Failure to register full screen

edited February 2013 in General Discussion
I am running CamStudio 2.7 (r316) on Window7. I succeeded to register a film while the selected region is limited. If i Try to register either full screen or extending the selected region to the whole screen CamStudio fails to merge video and audio files and genereates two different files that I do not succeed even to open separately.


  • Likely what happened, since you did not get the error where it would ask to default to the "default compressor" and likely recorded with the desired codec OK, was that full-screen just grabbed too many pixels for you to be able to make a video of the length you attempted without going quickly over the 2-gigabyte file size limitation imposed by the AVI-1 spec CamStudio still uses. (to be fixed someday!)

    Your solution would be to re-record using a more efficient codec like Xvid or x.264 that will give you more time to record (as they take up less file space), or make shorter videos and combine them later in a video editor.

  • You MIGHT be able to rescue the video you had made using VirtualDub.

    See the videos in this playlist for further information and tutorials:

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