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Portable camstudio 2.7

edited February 2013 in General Discussion
Will there soon be a portable CamStudio 2.7? because i am usually jumping from pc to pc and if not how can i make the version we already have available into a portable software?


  • leoleo
    edited March 2013
    Just in case you didn't know, there's a portable version available here:

    I'd prefer to see an 'official' portable version, but IMO there are more important things to do first (like fixing the 2GB file limit).
  • That version was working, but stopped working on many newer machines due to the manifest requirements of Vista and Win7. The reliance of CS 2.7 on the Visual Studio runtime libraries is what cramps this issue - and PortableApps does not allow such dependencies upon third-party licenses, making VisualStudio produced software disqualified.

    The 2-gigabyte file size limitation is imposed by the dependency of the program on the AVI-1 specification, which is the next big issue we intend to tackle. We had HOPED to allow an advertisement-supported installer to raise some funds for us to pay some programmers to fix these things, but that fell through as the company we ended up with allowed too many infamous advertisers on board, and gave us no choices which advertisers were permitted to be included. So, in short, that was a fiasco that pissed everyone off. Still looking into another solution. It would be nice if a nice donation came our way to solve the whole problem!

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