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How do i get divx 6.8.5

edited May 2009 in Support
When i try to download divx, all i get is divx 7. I hear that this one is better, but i just cant seem to find it. Thanks for all of your help.


  • I don't know if 6.8.5 is better as such, it's just that I'd have to pay again for Divx 7 :o)

    Anyway, this should be the download for 6.8.5: http://download.cnet.com/DivX-Codec/3000-2140_4-176692.html



    Nick :o)
  • As a newbe, I've been searching for the "community edition" and finally suceeded in obtaining the 6.8.5. Two questions:

    1- Am I wrong in assuming the community edition of divix will work in camstudio - is that why It doesn't seem to work now that it's installed?

    2- the divx 7 - blew my interface apart while it was loading. It tries to inflict google chrome and a bunch of other crap on you and even when you deselect all the check boxes - it goes ahead anyway and loads chrome! I unchecked things and deselected things but my screen lit up like fireworks with literally 30 or so error messages and warnings from my firewall and registry protector. I've never seen it do anything like that... ever! I had to revert backwards to previous registry settings (but the "latest" didn't work - I had to go back two versions).
  • As far as I know, there's no technical difference between the community and paid versions for DivX - only that when you register it removes the watermark from the video when encoding.


    Nick :o)
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