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FFDshow (It even allows uncompressed avi with CamStudio).

I registered just to point this out (having tested it myself today), since no one mentions ffdshow when I use the search option in this forum.

If you install ffdshow, then you can select it as a codec within CamStudio. The nice thing about ffdshow however is that you can then go into ITS own codec configuration and choose which codec it should render with.

Thus when you capture a video with CamStudio it will use whatever codec is set in ffdshow,thus allowing you a rather large selection of output filetypes.

If you want to try it for yourself then grab ffdshow from:


Still can't get camstudio recording as smoothly as Fraps though, even when set to uncompressed raw avi types.
(That's what im trying to do, but there's always frame skips whatever options I set).

Oh and naturally if you select uncompressed avi files as your output you better make sure you have the hdd space for it ;)

Chief :)


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