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Create MP4 video with sound compatible with many media players and devices

edited February 2014 in Support
-Objective : Create an out of the box MP4 video with sound compatible with many media players and devices -Status: Failed partially (it is possible to create an MP4 video that unfortunately must not contain audio track or else it will have a very limited compatibility) -Requirements: 1. Container a. Type=MP4 (Passed - included in Camstudio 2.7.2) 2. Video track a. Encoding Format=H.264/MPEG-4 AVC (Passed aided by third party codec; used x264vfw though may not be the only one) b. Profile=High (Passed - profile available in x264vfw) 3. Audio track !a.Encoding Format=Low Complexity AAC (LC-AAC)(Failed: I couldn't find any encoder for this) -Issues: 1. LC-AAC encoder; 2. <a href='http://camstudio.org/forum/discussion/652/camstudio-2-6-r294-does-not-compress-the-audio-stream-always-pcm/p1'>Camstudio always PCM bug</a> -Known workarounds: 1. Generate SWF instead of MP4 (needs quality set to 100 to avoid visible quality loss; unfortunately this reduces video's compatibility across devices and media players); 2. Use PCM instead of LC-AAC (also reduces compatibility) 3. Use PCM and then use a transcoder to encode the audio track into LC-AAC (best workaround, but it needs an extra step; for transcoder anything from WinFF to MediaCoder will do) -Final note: This discussion has as objective the resolving of the 2 issues mentioned above.
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