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Graphics Design

Hey guys,

I know I might be paranoiac.
It seem you use sqrt-approach to visualize circle/ellipse cursor view in "Cursor Option" menu. I would not say that they are true circle and ellipse. It would be better to use Bresenham's algorithm for circles.

For more details please refer to https://sites.google.com/site/ruslancray/lab/projects/bresenhamscircleellipsedrawingalgorithm/bresenham-s-circle-ellipse-drawing-algorithm

Feel free to use source code, if it is possible I also could do it by myself.

Thank you for good tool.


  • Thanks, RuslanCray! I passed along the info to the program manager!

  • Hi, will you accept designs from Photoshop? I've noticed that the majority of the designs are coded. If you'll accept design from Photoshop, do you have a design standard, color scheme etc? Thanks!
  • For now, there are no graphical changes in the works, only feature additions and bug fixes. Nick will likely put out a call for design submissions when we cross that bridge. And of course, Photoshop submissions are fine, though the end graphical elements will likely be .png as these are used for the web.
  • Awesome! Thanks for the response! I look forward to working on some UI improvement to push CamStudio forward! Season Greetings!
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