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Flashing Cursor

edited May 2009 in General Discussion
I am new to the forum, Hope This question is in the right place?

I have recently downloaded CamStudio,
when I use the screen capture on full screen or part screen with the cursor highlighted in yellow, the cursor keeps flashing on the screen and is not highlighted, but when I playback the recording the cursor is highlighted but it jumps unevenly across the screen instead of a smooth action across the screen, has anyone any ideas on what I could be doing wrong.


  • Hi Mike

    I think I'm correct in saying you only see the highlight circle when you view the recording - not actually during the recording.

    As for the uneven cursor movement, check your recording frames per second setting is above 20fps and that you're not running too many apps at the same time as CamStudio - it can use up serious amounts of CPU usage, especially when recording full-screen.

    You can also get uneven or "jumpy" cursor movements if there is a lot of movement generally being recorded on the screen (like recording a game or video playing) since CamStudio has to do a LOT of data processing to record all that info.


    Nick :o)
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