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Your "Help" Menu is not working for me!!!

edited June 2009 in General Discussion
The Help links for "CamStudio Website" actually goes to an Adobe webpage (http://www.adobe.com/products/robodemo/),
the "FAQ" link page cannot be found, and "Donations" doesn't do anything!!!

At least that is what I am finding....



  • Also you should have a link on your Forum page back to the home page.
  • @Rayj00

    You're right about the Help link - V2. is the original version of CamStudio that was released back in 2003 by Rendersoft who sold a version of it to eHelp, who were then bought out by Macromedia (now Adobe), who redirected that link to their RoboForm program.

    Same with the other links.


    Nick :o)
  • Will it be fixed?
  • Yes it will be in the next released version.

    You should be able to access the Help files by pressing the F1 key in CamStudio.


    Nick :o)
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