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Real Player & Audio

edited July 2009 in Support
I just got everything set up, but....

I'm not getting the video from Real Player or Audio.

I've got to record a webinar for work in the morning & chose CamStudio because it was free and widely recommended. I do not have full admin rights to my computer because it is a work computer... but why would that effect the video in Real Player not showing up? I'm able to change settings, like hiding the mouse. Still no audio even though I set it to record from speakers though.

Please help! I must have this ready before 11am tomorrow! (Nothing like getting major deadlines at the last minute!)


  • Okay, I've solved the Real Player issue. It now records so long as I play it in the actual real play, but still no sound. I know that there are many posts about getting the sound to work so I will explore them and see if I get my answer in the mean time.
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