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Is there a conflict with reflections x-windows?

edited July 2009 in Support
I'm running XP on a < year old computer that has had no problems. I access a unix server with reflections x-windows, also with no problems. I downloaded camstudio because that is recommended by Oracle support. I had 3 x windows open to show information for an Oracle support call. I recorded a few seconds of a window of text, then I paused recording, highlighted some text and opened an annotation window. I right clicked on the window, because that's what it said to do to enter text, and all the x-windows disappeared, including the x client manager, and the cam windows disappeared except for a small one labeled "Flashing." I could no longer open x windows. All my information gathered in the x windows up to that point was lost. Right clicking on the Flashing label in the task bar did nothing, I had to kill it with task manager.

Now what?
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