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SWF Producer needs a progress bar video timeline

edited July 2009 in Support
CamStudio is very nice but lacks one important thing with regards to my needs. The SWF Producer's outputted .swf file does not have a dragable user adjustable point in time progress bar for allowing a user to go to a section of the video quickly.

I looked at the source code (CamStudio 2.5 Beta 1 oddly not found on sourceforge itself) and was able to compile the /Full sources/Producer/swfsource directory project (the one that gets created after an attempt to compile Producer.vcproj). In order to truly compile the Producer a professional SKU of Visual Studio is needed providing MFC libs which is odd for an opensource project.

I am looking at spending $300 for Camtasia to provide what I desire. Is it possible for a group of us to get together and fund this request? If I spend anything north of $100 why continue use of CamStudio? Surely I am not the only one who need Forward/Rewind/Navigation functionality on the .swf file?

My thanks to the developer who have spent time with the code. Your so close to the finish line.
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