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Odd on/off Flashing Effect in Video since Photoshop CS4

edited July 2009 in Support
Ever since I upgraded to Photoshop CS4 (which uses a graphics card in ways CS3 and prior did not) I notice an odd flasshing effect in my screencasts. When I add something to the screen, it 'flashes' on, like a fluorescent light coming on, as if time from the pov of the recording software stutters backwards a step for every 2 or 3 steps forward.

Example: http://www.digitalartform.com/archives/2009/07/how_to_blend_co.html


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    Are you using the latest version of the graphics card's driver supplied by either your computer or graphic card manufacturer?

    If yes, can you try disabling hardware acceleration in Windows before recording?

    Does that improve things?


    Nick :o)
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