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errors when recording audio or video

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I'm having a few problems with CamStudio.

1. When I try and use any option for video other than the default Microsoft Video 1 option (e.g. divx) I get an error message - Error Recording AVI file using current compressor. I tried the 2.5 beta (including the newest patch to fix the missing 'record from speakers') and that didn't do anything.

2. More importantly I cannot record audio from speakers, I get an error message (The specified device handle is invalid. Stop() ). I tried the suggested fix (check disabled/disconnected devices menu option) and still get it. After downloading the fix for 2.5 the same fault happens.

I'm running Windows 7 if it helps. Everything is fine when using Fraps/virtualdub so it can't be my machine.

Many Thanks.


  • I also get this error on windows 7 x64 but I can either click past it or tell it to use default then go change it again back to the h.264 codec. I also have it set to record audio through the mic. I do not have a problem recording the audio.

    Did you ever find a solution for this?
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    I'm about to release a video to YouTube explaining how to "record from speakers" and mic at the same time using Stereo Mix in Windows 7, 64-bit. The trick is to use "Record from Microphone" but then set the source to Stereo mix, and set the microphone's "listen" checkbox with output going to "speakers" (very important), then make the speakers the default playback device (this is necessary because Stereo Mix gets its audio input source from the Speaker output mixer, specifically from the "Front" sliders for stereo).

    The old "Record from Speakers" option in CamStudio is a relic of an XP-specific audio porting that went away when they upgraded the audio system in Vista and Win 7. I have doubts it will ever be fixed to work in Win 7, but this option using the "Record from Microphone" setting pointing to Stereo Mix works well.

    The signal path seems to be: Microphone Levels out via the "Listen" checkbox and Media Player out, to Speakers sub-sytem's Levels out (via the "Front" slider) to Speaker's main levels out, to Stereo Mix Levels out, and finally to CamStudio.

    For optimum gain staging, my analysis seems to indicate that you would leave the Stereo Mix levels at 100, while dropping the "Front" sliders to 40-50 in the Speaker's levels tab, with the topmost speaker levels slider at 100 also. Then set the microphone's level to 60-75 in its own levels tab. That seems to produce the lowest noise and, theoretically if I understand the signal path, the best signal to noise ration obtainable.

    Microphone - 10-75, listen checked ==> out to speakers (In that I use Line-In as my microphone input feeding from a mixer, I keep this level low, at 10, but raise the levels using the external mixer in order to overcome system motherboard noise. This is not possible on a microphone input channel, so the recording level is dependent upon the input slider alone, but my mic inputs are much quieter than my line-inputs.)
    Speakers - main slider 100, "Front" slider 40-50
    Stereo Mix - 100
    Music source adjusted to be underneath the mic volume. This can be adjusted using the audio mixer sliders (right-click speaker and select mixer)

    Try it and let me know how it works for you.

  • I'm trying to record a screen shot of my Skype window (no live video or frame active) while playing back a voice-mail message. My audio input is a stereo mic positioned in front of the USB speakers, a configuration I have used successfully to capture other on-screen audio/video (not Skype, and not using Camstudio) without noticeable audio artifacts.

    Having tried several different Camstudio configurations including changing the volume settings on the speakers and/or the mic input. In each case I'm getting perfectly clear audio (this is not a background noise issue), but it's compromised by seemingly random audio 'tics' or 'spikes' (don't know what the correct term is). OS is Vista Home Edition running on a 2-year old E-Machine.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  • cosmotopper,

    Are you compressing the audio at all, using LAME or AC3?

    Try a recording with the audio setting of "Use MCI for recording audio" checked to see if it goes away. That setting uses only the system's own built-in settings directly from the audio control panel.

    As an aside, I wonder if the "Stereo Mix" setup would work for you, so you do not have to mic the speaker?

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