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Installing LAME MP3 Codec for CAMSTUDIO

edited August 2009 in Support
I'm seeing tutorials all over youtube stating that you can use the LAME MP3 Codec with CAMSTUDIO, but I have tried everything and cannot even see it as one of the recording options for audio. Has anyone installed this successfully in MS Vista, and if so, can you please share the secret of getting this to work?

I've tried installing the Codec to the Windows32 folder, and to the CAMSTUDIO folder, but nothing seems to work.



  • Download Lame ACM MP3 V3.96.1
    Right click file named LameACM.inf
    Select "Install"
    Lame MP3 will now show in CamStudio Audio Encoder drop down listing

    You may also use Lame ACM MP3 V3.98.2
    Be sure you download "ACM" versions
    Hope this helps
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