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CamStudio 2.5 Beta 1 - Spanish translation / Traducci

edited February 2008 in Code Contributions
Since I'm a big fan of this program, I decided to make my little contribution by translating CamStudio to Spanish. My motivation was that I recommended this program to many people, but half of them weren't able to use it (or at least make full use of all its capabilities) only because of language-related problems. I hope this may be of help to all Spanish users facing the same situation.
The link below is a repacked "CamStudio.2.5.b1.bin.zip", in which I just replaced some of the original files with those I translated in order to have everything in spanish (Recorder.exe, Player.exe, Playplus.exe, Producer.exe, CamShapes.ini and default.shapes).

Download / Descargar CamStudio en Espa


  • Gracias. :) Thank you very much for the translation! It's very well done, and I will probably implement the Spanish translation (and many others) in the new CS version. Thanks again!
  • Gracias!
  • Link goes only to a now obsolete version of Camstudio.
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