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I downloaded CamStudio today (which I admit is a fantastic screen recording program which I will probably use in the future) so I could record content from a game. When I started using CamStudio, I didn't have many problems, apart from AVI file locations.

The content of the game (Fallout) I'm trying to record is quite old, and it was released in 1997 and it seems to be 8-bit. Once I recorded content of the game, the content was displayed in the AVI file as RGB (static) coloured pixels oriented around objects on a primarily black surface. I have tried many ways to fix this problem, such as opening CamStudio in 256 colours, adjusting CamStudio to the screen settings of the game, changing codecs and they have not really solved the problem. From some of these changes, the screen would be intact, yet the colours are terrible (bright purple, bright green, etc.).

Another solution I have been considering is finding a codec that supports 8-bit, but I have had no luck.

I have also tried using FRAPS and HyperCam, FRAPS does not even recognise the game and HyperCam has the same problem as CamStudio.
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