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Using multiple microphones??

edited October 2009 in General Discussion
I would like to be able to use my wireless lapel mic during lecture, but would also like to have an omni mic in the middle of the classroom to capture student discussions. As it is now, I have to repeat any question students have before answering. Any suggestions on how I could implement multiple mics in this situation? Thanks


  • I think your best bet would be some type of audio mixer console.

    Something like this: http://bit.ly/fMCPA <= Purely an example.

    You don't need to spend a fortune - a decent 4-8 channel audio mixer is only around $60.

    You could also check eBay or your local classifieds or (your best bet) the nearest music shop and get one second-hand for even cheaper.


    Nick :o)
  • Well, I think I may have solved this one too! Talked to my son in law, who is a computer engineer for a really big company, who told me that Intel motherboards support multiple microphones, one plugged into the front and another in the back. Sure enough, two mics work at the same time. Next step: find a really sensitive omni mic to record student questions, comments, etc during lecture.
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