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WOW! I think I finally have it, but what did I do???



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    2.6 has the Region|Window setting that I like to use, the ability to set a time limit to the recording, the ability to have a different colored cursor upon clicking, and some cool new annotation-effect capabilities, like timecode, watermark and captioning (where you want them to appear on the whole video).

    Here's a video I did on that topic last year:

    There is a 2.6c at Sourceforge that seems to work with ffdshow-tryout now you could try out, though it is a work in progress. http://sourceforge.net/projects/camstudio/files/next/

    That new version requires you to have Visual C++ 2010 Runtime libraries installed. (XP and Vista had 2008 or earlier.) Get that here:

    Remember - this 2.6c is VERY beta, and is being updated soon.

    The current stable release of ffdshow-tryout, though still labelled beta, is here:
    http://sourceforge.net/projects/ffdshow-tryout/files/Official releases/generic build (stable)/

  • A thing about VLC, guys. If you do that and then try to play the movie in iTunes, it won't work for some reason.
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    Could you please explain that a little better? VLC is just a media player, isn't it???

    "If you do that..." - do what, exactly???

    EDIT - Ahhh - I see - it has some kind of converter in it from CTRL-R. I have NO IDEA what format this is converting things to! Has anyone used it? What settings do you have available? What compression formats/codecs are there from this???

    Anyway - avoid that - use a well supported converter like Any Video Converter.

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