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customize SWF output (or get FLV output)

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I'm very happy with what I can do with CamStudio (especially when combined with Dub , but the one issue I have is that the SWF produced has rather awkward UI, which I would like to replace or improve. I've managed to make it look better by messing with the bmp's and ini file, but it still does bad things, such as the play button not working to restart the video (after it has gotten to the end....you must press stop even though it is stopped). Also there is no "dragger" to go to a certain place in the video.

What I'd really like to do is somehow get an equally high quality and small size FLV file, that I can use a player such as this one http://www.jeroenwijering.com/?item=JW_FLV_Player (which is fully customizable and has a full javascript api which would be awesome)

Are there any options out there to produce a good FLV? Everything I've tried lowers the quality. Alternatively, is there any way to produce an SWF that has better and more attractive controls?



  • (oops I meant to say "especially when combined with VirtualDub")
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    Hi, robbrown:
    Since I don't know which tools you've already tried, I'll leave you a list with some free options, in the order I think you should try them:

    (Latest version is 0.33)

    (Latest version is v2008 build 25)

    Riva FLV Encoder
    (Go to "Free Riva FLV Encoder 2.0 --> Download via Download.com")

    Other alternatives (but shareware): Total Video Converter, WinAVI FLV Converter...
    A recommendation: If you're using WinFF, choose "Flash video (flv) for web use (4:3)". Then click on Options and check "2 pass". Also, you'll usually get better results when matching the "Video Bit Rate", "Frame Rate" and "Video Size" settings with those of the source AVI file.
    I know at least WinFF and Total Video Converter generate FLVs that work with JW FLV MEDIA PLAYER 3.15.
    Good luck ;)

  • Or, if you want a little less trial and error, try with this guide: http://forum.videohelp.com/topic345987.html
    It uses "Any Video Converter": http://www.any-video-converter.com/download/ (Scroll down to "Download - Any Video Converter Free Version")


    "MediaInfo": http://mediainfo.sourceforge.net/en

    This last tool is only necessary if you're planning to put your video on Youtube, because you need to check that the bitrate of the generated FLV doesn't exceed the 350 kbit/s limit they have for the uploaded videos, otherwise they will reencode it (using some substandard method that will degrade it's quality).


    PS: FLVs created with Any Video Converter will work with JW FLV MEDIA PLAYER.
  • This is what I would choose regarding encoding material into the FLV format: The Riva FLV Encoder. I use it a lot prior to uploading videos to YouTube as it can make the file size smaller, and then they don't have to convert the file, so it's a quick and easy upload. http://www.rivavx.com/?encoder
    And if you're going to use some sort SWF control, then I suggest using either the Adobe Flash, or this program:
    I have the 2004 Macromedia edition of Flash, but I'd rather use the SWF Quicker, as it is a LOT easier to learn.
  • First thanks for activating my account :)

    To the topic I'm creating lossless FLVs - check it here http://blog.creonfx.com/flash/howto-create-lossless-flash-screen-captures-screencasts-for-free . If the moderators think it is appropriate to create a new topic to discuss it will be great


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    can Adobe Flash convert swf to flv with h.264 encoder? i don't know how to do that with Flash so i use swf to flv converter : http://www.convertswftoflv.com so far.
  • Alternatively, install FFDShow Tryout and use that as the recording codec and you can record directly to FLV, H.264 and many others.

  • To convert swf to flv (http://www.convertflvtoswf.com/convert-swf-to-flv.htm), SWF to FLV Converter is specially designed for You. Two converting mode supported: single conversion mode and batch conversion mode that will definitely meet your various converting needs. Installed with SWF Donwloader, SWF to FLV Converter allows you to download your favourite SWF files online, just by paste the url. In addition, before converting swf to flv, you can edit your swf files as you like, such as trimming videos and cropping video, customize watermark.

    Convert flash
    * convert swf to avi
    * ]convert flv to swf

    Convert to flv
    * convert flash to flv
    * convert swf to flv
  • hi, friend, I often use swf to avi converter which can also convert swf to flv. I like it very much. Hope it helps you too. You can get it at this site: http://www.swf2avi.net Good luck.
  • hello , friend, I always use leawo video converter to do that work, easy and fast, it is not bad.
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    Expert SWF to FLV converter
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