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is it possible?

edited January 2010 in General Discussion
to record something that is 1-2hrs?
i wanted to record this show that is live, but when i went back camstudio disappeared
if its possible, wat can i do (like settings/others)?


  • This should be possible. The most common reason it would fail is that the file gets so large it corrupts. Try using lower quality settings to record for longer with a smaller file size.

    If this doesn't help, please provide as much detail as possible, IE settings used to record, what exactly when wrong, any error messages, anything else observed on the system, version of cam studio used, version of windows used, etc.
  • how do i reduce the quality?
    im using 2.0, i think the file went to large so my firefox/camstudio crashed
    is there a thread that tells how to reduce qaulity for a longer record time?
  • See the new STICKY post called "WOW! I think I finally have it, but what did I do???"
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