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Audio and Video not synchronizing. Help?

edited March 2008 in Support
Hi. Currently I've been using a new audio codec I found thanks to a member of these forums, which has worked great video wise, but the sound doesn't sync up. In my videos, the audio comes way earlier than it should. I don't know if I should mess with the sync settings in the program or not because I have no clue as to where I'd start. Any help?


  • Hi OGWilson

    What's the codec you're trying to use?

    Have you tried checking the MCI Recording box in Audio Options for Microphone?

    That normally does it for me, but I dunno if it's compatible with this new codec.


    Nick :o)
  • I get a little bit of slippage in the sync between audio and video. Perhaps 1/2 minute over a 60 minute recording at 4fps. That's more than enough to be troubling. (recording powerpoint and speaker's voice). I found that I can fix it easily using VirtualDub, which has an option to make the audio and video tracks the same length. Typically it resets to about 4.08fps.
  • I created a 5 minute tutorial for some freeware I wrote. I don't recall the settings as I was experimenting with codecs. The sound was out of sync by a couple seconds per minute. Ouch. In Windows Movie Maker I carefully cut the audio at spots where there were pauses, and simply lengthened out the pauses. Of course the best way to handle this is to practice with settings (still doing this) to create insync a/v, but when it's out of sync it's not tough to edit it back.
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