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New Stickies?

edited January 2010 in General Discussion
I now see 3 "Stickied" topics here instead of the one that had been here for ages. Are new Stickies possible?


  • Yes, forum Admins can do it. Is there a thread you think needs to be made sticky?
  • I don't have any particular threads in mind, but I was considering creating a ReadMe1st/FAQ type post to try and cut down many of the overly redundant questions the forum gets.
  • If anyone can recommend a good forum thread to be made sticky, I'm happy to take a look.

    Brandished, email me directly at [email protected] when/if you create that "Read Me 1st" post and I'll sticky it!

    I keep meaning to free off the time to create some video tutorials answering the most common questions (which seems apt since it's a piece of software designed to make video tutorials ;o) but I'm snowed under with work at the moment.

    I'll try to start uploading them to YouTube over the next couple of weeks and they can be added to your ReadMe1st post, if necessary.


    Nick :o)
  • That's good to hear, I'll start looking through some of the older post to see what I can put together.

    As for the new video tutorials, I'd suggest taking a look at these two series before creating a bunch of new ones, to see what's already been covered. They cover quite a bit of info:

    Also, have you uploaded this one to YouTube yet?
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