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Interesting behavior, nice but confusing

I just had some interesting experience using CamStudio that I want to share and see if others understand. I also want to let Nick and the other developers know about it, so it does not get lost!

I was using CamStudio (portable version) to record the screen during an engineering simulation program. I disabled the screen saver, but let the power saver function continue. The power saver was configured for a desktop -- shut screen power off after 10 mins.

The simulation lasted a few hours. CamStudio captured the images, at about 1 per 30sec as desired, until the simulation finished. It then captured a few more and stopped capturing. My guess is that the screen power switched off 10 minutes after the simulation stopped, and CamStudio recognized this and stopped recording! That was better than I had hoped for.

Any comments on my interpretation of what happened? Any understanding if whether it's built into CamStudio to do this? Can we be sure that this capability does not get lost as CamStudio evolves?

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