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Regarding size of the video output given by camstudio

Hi All

Can any body plz tell me how to create small sized .avi format files using cam studio because the one i created
is too big(size 500 mb ;; time : 5min) so not feasible for uploading on you tube .
I need to make the file size up to 10 to 15 mb time and output format remaining the same i.e approx 5min and .avi format.

Thanks in Advance


  • Does the file have to be avi when you upload it to YouTube? If not, why not run the file through Windows Movie Maker, where you'll end up with a wmv file, which is smaller. YouTube accepts wmv files without a problem. That's what I've been doing -- using CamStudio for video screen captures but uploading the result of Windows Movie Maker instead of the avi file.
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