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Problem with recording windows sound when Headphone is connected

I am using windows7 , have camstudio 2.5 installed , using Reltek HD Audio Input & Output

I've Stereo Mix enabled , checked "record audio from micophone" and set Stereo Mix as my audio capture device. I have no problem recording windows sound when I am not using headphone but windows sound is muted when im using it.

If i go to control plane > manage audio device > right-click "speaker" > properties > "levels" tab , i can adjust volume of output, line in , microphone...etc, so i can mute & unmute my microphone

But i can only adjust output volume in "levels" tab of Headphone properties. i think that is my problem. Please help me if you can


  • I have Realtek as well, but I have no problem while recording with my headphone in. I wonder why some people are different.

    Though my audio is named "EAX Advanced HD 4.0"
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