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I've just started using CamStudio, so I am pretty green. I copy videos from the net, most are avi format but when I play them back in
VLC Media Player, which is my favourite cos it's so versatile, the colours change. Human skin is light blue, clothing changes colour. However, when I take a camera shot the colours are perfect.
If I playback on Real Player it is fine. Can anyone help me please?



  • hi k4k1ok im seem to be having the same trouble, colours appear "negative" in vlc media player but fine in real player and in windows media player, i think its more of a problem with vlc rather than with camstudio(maybe vlc just cant handle camstudios codec output) if the writers of these 2 fantastic pieces of software were to have a chat about what may be causing this im sure then we would see a fix for the problem but like i said it may have to come from vlc not camstudio im not an expert but it does seem odd that its only vlc (dont quote me on this ive only tried these 3 media players) that has this problem. i know this wont solve the issue but it might bring to light what may be wrong.

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