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One or two little bugs, and a big, big bug (from 2.5) fixed in 2.6!


Just installed the new 2.6 Beta into my laptop (my "anything goes" machine!)

One thing I noticed right away is that the read-out during recording in "Region==>Window" mode shows the screen size as now being OVER by one pixel in width and height, but the actual recording is what you had set the window at. (I use Sizer for that - http://www.brianapps.net/sizer/ )

So, the one-pixel-added bug has been moved into the read-out screen only, but has been fixed in the actual recording algorithms, so that big-big bug is basically squashed where it counts!

(That is, a 1280X720 pixel window is being displayed as being a 1281X721 pixel one. If it were actually that, using the Camstudio and other codecs I'd get a horizontally skewed picture in the recorded result.)

(You'll see me using "ZoomIt" from SysInternals/Mark Russinovich at Microsoft - 2.6 does not yet have a zoom feature built-in... sorry kids! :-)
http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb897434.aspx )

That's at the usual 16k color depth, troubleshooting sliders all the way to the left, CS Lossless 1.5, etc. Wonder what that was about?

The other little bug is in the displayed codec. It showed "MS Video 1" when I was using Camstudio Lossless 1.5. (Well, download 1.4, and you get 1.5!)

My nice wood "persona" in my Firefox browser turned blue upon playback in Windows Media Player, but looks fine in the recording at YouTube. I've uploaded a video demo to YouTube (private mode) that shows the display bugs, and as you can see, the wood-grain is not blue there!


(I should mention that I received an error message from YouTube while downloading saying that it did not recognize my audio codec but was going to try to process it anyway. I was using PCM, but with no microphone, there was only silence (that is, no audio!!) Is that how YouTube responds to silence?

This newest edition looks to have all the nice features I've come to know and love from version 2.5 with the addition of the "Record from Speakers" audio option from 2.0 being thrown back in there! I haven't tried it yet (I still use "Stereo Mix" as an input instead), but I will and let you know how it goes.

Thanks a million for this fantastic effort! You are really helping people world-wide in such a meaningful way making this capability available to them to share!

Terry Britton


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    Thanks Terry,

    Your feedback is very valuable. This is exactly what we need to improve Camstudio.
    Please be so kind to report any found issues as bug in SourceForge and do not forget to specify which revision you used. It makes it easier to track and trace.

    A few comments of my own.
    In the old Camstudio code there are a few places where magic code was used for calculation screen dimensions.
    If you are using MediaInfo program you will have noticed that size of video as published by Camstudio is not always the same as measured by MediaInfo. This difference makes that some players have troubles with playing Camstudio files. I expect that we have to do a few more screen dimensions recalculations before this all will be flawless.

    About Youtube.
    Please update your Youtube recording in another format (640x480 or 800x600). Screen details are to tiny now.

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    If you view that video in 720p full screen, the screen details are huge (especially with the zooming using ZoomIt!) But I suppose that if people are on a dial-up connection, they'll never see the 720p version, so you are right - probably best to keep YouTube vids at lower resolutions, at least for screen captures, even though they are encouraging us all to upload 1270X720 nowadays so they can have the HD versions available to give people. But unless everyone is able to actually VIEW the 720pHD versions, the text becomes unmanageably small when viewed in any other of the available formats (360 or 480).

    So, you're also saying I should go to the sourceforge project page also and report bugs as well as here? Ok, will do (if I find any others!) [Edit - done!]

    By the way, it turns out that the "Blue wood" issue I encountered upon playback of my sample video from the original file in Windows Media Player was resolved when I returned the slider in Troubleshooting to at least half-way (from all the way to the left). So, it was a Windows Media Player/laptop hardware shared issue having nothing to do with Camstudio 2.6, apparently.

    Please keep us posted when new builds are released. I'm very excited about this new build - it seems like a strong one. I teach people how to use Camstudio, so I really want them all to have the best version. Presently, I mainly have all my students/clients using CamStudio 2.5 from the http://camstudio.org/dev/ download page. It would be nice to know if I SHOULD be having folks use another (say, the 12-2009 build on Jason's site...) Aside from the http://camstudio.org/dev/ version of 2.5 having the little Window Region bug (easily accounted for), it works fine for all of my client's purposes (and my own) so far.

    Terry Britton
  • Hi Terry

    This build supercedes both the 2.5beta and Jason's build as that was also generated from the source code on Sourceforge, which has since been updated by this revision: r264.

    2.0 is still the last stable build, but fingers crossed that will be replaced by 2.6 in the very near future.


    Nick :o)
  • Nick,

    Well, considering the only bug I've found so far is in the display during recording (and the window region bug seems to be fixed) I suppose I might be safe (after a little more rigorous testing!) to refer my folks over to this version soon!

    (I had found the older 2.5 beta to be incredibly stable, as far as my own uses have gone.)

    Terry Britton
  • hi.
    there is a problem with starting of exe files in new version. the files are:
    the error message screen: http://i.imgur.com/VAsZp.png
    this error is connected with msvcp v9 libs (usually when they are absent). but in our case they are inside the installation folder "%programfiles%\CamStudio 2.6b".
    so reinstalling application or removing libs didnt help.

    experiments show than newer version of msvcp libs is used than more problems it brings... not only decreasing perfomance and consuming more and more disk space (those things are never considered as problems according to corporation traditions) but the structure of all this additional but nesesarry stuff becomes more and more complicated without any adequate reasons. as the result such problems take place more and more often: with v8 i got such computers rather seldom, with v9 much more... the ways of solvation are different but allways connected with some stupid movement of files from one directory to another one (even if this dir in system path or libs are located inside the roots dir of program like in our case) or updating some libs to some versions but not updating other ones... clounish perfomance. do you lnow is there any universal way of solving these conflicts between microsoft and microsoft?.. =)
  • Hi,
    As Camstudio is build using a Windows International installation I was not able to test it with a country specific Windows. Hence, Russian OS is not tested.
    Visual Studio v8. installs and compiles against v9 lib's by default nowadays.
    Because v9 lib's are required to run Camstudio I included these in the distribution. If your systems does not have them by default it will use the libs that comes with the install.

    I cannot read the Russian text. Please explain it in English for us.
    And once you or or some else in Russia who experienced the same problems knows a workaround do not hesitate to share the solution here.
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