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I have tried previous versions of CS and this latest seems to work well except:
For audio...
It will record audio from my webcam mike.
but that is it...
I want to record the desktop for say a playing video (like one can do with camtasia)
but the only options in the audio preferences are
Speakers option:
logitec webcam mike
realtek hideinition audio (for a lapel mike or whatever)
tunebite hispeed dubbing
Microphone options
default input device
Stereo Mix (Realtek realtek hidefinition audio
Mic webcam 9000
Realtek digital input

Problem is , there is no
"what you hear is what you record"
like the same sound passed to the speakers
is recorded BEFORE it comes out of the speakers...

When I use camtasia, it grabs
the sound from the same line that is sent to my
speakers and records that.

How can I record the audio as well as the video when I watch a
video on the desktop?


  • Stereo mix is the equivalent to "What u Hear". Use that. Make certain your levels are up and not muted in your master (playback) volume controls.

  • Hi Terry,
    but stereo mix is not an option
    that is on the dropdown
    But I do have that , it is only
    cam that can not find??
  • drsolution,

    Watch this video here. Is this helpful?


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