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Effects: Options... various annotation Options - Changes still not "taking" correctly

When you enter changes in the options for the various annotations,

(Having Effects:Annotation:some annotation selected,

...with options having been changed in Effects:Options...:Options Button for either Time stamp, Stopwatch Timestamp, Caption or Water mark,

...having had either Position, Font, Text Color, Background Color or any combination of these altered)

the changes do not actually "take" until you have re-entered the particular Options dialogue for the feature that you are altering and have then clicked on that Option area's "OK" button a second time.

(You do not have to actually change anything on this second effort, just enter the specific Options dialogue a second time and hit OK again ... then you can finally hit OK for the larger Options screen).

Odd behavior, this "Click Me Twice" stuff! The effects options' features work fine after that, though!

Terry Britton


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