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Recording uac dialog in Windows 7/Vista?

I had tried Camstudio 2.6 Beta, and it worked find in Windows 7.
But I have one problem.
Camstudio seems to fail to record uac dialog. Why is this?


  • Hi Supanat,

    Good to know that it works well in Win-7.

    But uac dialog?
    Can you explain which dialog you have in mind. "Uac" is a little to short for me.

  • UAC AKA USER ACCOUNT CONTROL IS A SECURITY FEATURE IN WINDOWS VISTA/7. Like I said, Camstudio fail to record the User Account Control dialog. Is it because the dialog is in some layer that no screen recorder supports?
  • supanut,

    Hmmmm, good question! (and thanks again for the portable version you've created...)

    There are other free screen recorders -

    Jing: http://www.jingproject.com/
    sceenr: http://screenr.com/
    ScreenToaster: http://www.screentoaster.com/
    Screencast-o-matic: http://www.screencast-o-matic.com/
    ScreenJelly: http://www.screenjelly.com/

    Review comparing several of the above: http://www.labnol.org/software/compare-online-screen-recording-tools/9454/

    Of course, the king and ruler of all these is Camstudio for its versatility and ease of use, but let us know if your tests show any of these others working with the UAC dialogs.

  • edited August 2010
    Thanks Terry, Supanat,

    Another benefit of Camstudio that it is really free and sources are available for everybody. This won't stop.

    It seems that although the new Camstudio release runs well on XP, development and test team should start a discussion how they could develop and test Camstudio for Vista and Win-7 users. For me this requirement demand that I should buy new systems that I can use dedicated for building and testing new releases.
    It also opens the discussion which compiler we should use. I assume we should switch to VS2010 as well (see side-by-side discussion).

    If people agree we should start to do this you can add a contribution here:

    Camstudio.org: (donation button on the homepage)

    Or here Camstudio4Xnote:


    [[ Note from Nick - donation links no longer required thanks to a very generous CamStudio user (thanks again Michael), who has donated a MSDN Ultimate subscription to the CamStudio project which includes Windows 7 and Visual Studio 2010 licenses. Please note, I will not be selling individual licenses, so please don't ask. ]]

    [[ If you wish to donate to thank Jan for his work especially with XNote integration, please use the link above ]]
  • I had tried BB Flashback Express, and it can't record the UAC dialog boxes, and I don't think Jing, Hypercam, Wink, and other products will be able to record UAC dialog boxes since the dialog was in a very special layer called secure desktop mode, which I think no screen recorders exists that can capture the secure desktop mode layer.
  • supanut,

    Well, that is certainly helpful news, but it would be nice if Camstudio could overcome that limitation. I wonder by what mechanism that layer is secured?

    Anyway, that is out of my league! Perhaps Jan or others will find out the situation (it may turn out to be helpful that Nick has gone for the MSDN Ultimate subscription!!!) :-)

  • uac is in a layer that no program could go on top of it. uac dialog is always on top of other windows and dialogs, and I believe you can't minimize it either, +you can't do anything else while that dialog is still present.
  • supanut,

    In that case, outside of recording error messages to share with tech support personnel, I cannot see any practical need otherwise for being able to record UAC dialogs.

    That is something of a comfort anyway!

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