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Screen Annotations Help Crashes Camstudio

I don't have a clue about what screen annotations are or how to make shapes??? etc so I went into screen anotations and general help crashes cam studio, so I went to creating a shape in the help topics and that crashed it too. Perhaps not yet supported, anyway how do I learn about this?


  • walshlg,

    Download a copy of 2.0 and use those help files (you can also take and copy those help files into the 2.6 beta folder and they should work without crashing anything).

    That's what I did!

    As to creating one's own shapes, I actually haven't tried that yet, so I cannot be of much help to you there, sorry. Let me know if it is easy to do or not!

    With other screen annotations settings, I had to save things twice for some reason for the changes to "stick" - particularly as regarded the screen positions dialog. That may or may not be the case for you (Nick couldn't reproduce that error on his machine). Let me know if you encounter any quirky behaviors in there, will you?

  • Sounds as a good idea to include help files in next release.
    Is there somebody who can go through the helpfiles to check if all information is still correct or requires an update?
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