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any advice for avoiding crashing?

I think that I'm a slow learner sometimes, or, well you remember the definition of a lunatic? Whatever; I've crashed camstudio 3x now doing the same thing -> I am using camstudio to make instructional vid tutorials for Blender 3D, an open source cg modeling program. I am demonstrating features of the video sequence editor, essentially editing video and audio simultaneously, and when I try to use camstudio to record the setup plus a windowed real-time render of the composite, camstudio crashes. Yep that's pretty intensive computing, and whether I set camstudio priority to normal or high, it seems to crash camstudio but not blender. I don't mind everything slowing down, that's almost good since you'd think that the end result would match better.

But what can I do to prevent camstudio crashing? I suppose that I could render the blender playback separately but that isn't what I want to show. Any ideas?


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    Have you tried setting Blender or any of its processes (if any run as separate processes) to lower priorities in the Task Manager's Processes tab?
    That is accomplished by right-clicking on the desired process and selecting the priority from the list that appears to the right of "Set Priority".

    Just an idea.

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