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Annotating existing video from CS2

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I have use CS2.0 to capture a screen and audio into an AVI file.
I would now like to add annotations.
Is it possible to add annotations after the video has been saved? I can' see how if so.


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    There is no utility for adding annotations after-the-fact (or editing videos in any way) built-in to CamStudio. However, you can upload your file to YouTube and take advantage of their Annotation and Caption tools and then re-download the MP4 file they produce, OR use Windows Movie Maker (free with Windows since Win98) to add text annotations.

    The annotations utility that does come with CamStudio for adding annotations allows you to create several "sets" of pre-made annotations that you load onto the screen during the recording process live. This could be used for your situation by playing your recording in a media player and screen-capturing it a second time with CamStudio while using the CamStudio annotation tools during that second recording sweep.

  • Possible work around:
    Replay recording with player and record again with CS. You can add annotations while recording.

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