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Can Camstudio record fullscreen games like The Sims 2?

Can Camstudio record fullscreen games like The Sims 2? Or I have to set The Sims 2 to run in window mode?


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    I would definitely recommend doing it in Window mode, and use the Sizer utility to set the size of the window to 1280X720 or 856X480 for wide screen results if you want that (for YouTube).


    At the moment, 2.6beta has a broken "Fixed Region" setting (off by a pixel, so it will break Divx, Xvid, etc. that require multiples of 2 or 4 unless you add the pixel in). That is being fixed now. So, that is why I suggest doing windowed mode and using Region>>Window in 2.6beta to record it.

  • Thanks a lot;will try out sometimes soon!
  • V2.6b release 273 solves the pixel issue.

    Beware that with some codecs the pixel size is reduced to match with the required pixel sizing steps.
    For Example if you used the YUV codec know that this codex expect that width and height can be devided by four.
    If your region is 202 x 802 and the codex you are using is YUV know that the movie will be recorded in 200 x 800 format.

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