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Camstudio without C++ runtime

Are you going to release a version that doesn't require C++ runtime?
This is critical for a portable version, as it must be able to run on any computer, with or without admin rights, and without needing to install any runtimes.


  • C++ runtime?
    I assume you refer to the vcredist package.

    The install of vcredist packages from MicroSoft will be a requirement as long as we have not rewrite Camstudio from scratch.
    In some occasions it is still installed on your computer.
  • Isn't just matter of selecting flags for "static libraries" when compiling the project?
    All the software which I write is always compiled "statically", so no additional DLLs or frameworks are required: just a single EXE file, you click over it and everything works, on any machine... MAXIMUM PORTABILITY...
    It would be great if also Camstudio was compiled this way!
    Who cares if the resulting executable is 2 Mbytes instead of 1 Mbytes?
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