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Techsmith Codec with Camstudio

So I installed Techsmith Codec and try to record video with Camstudio;it asks me to install Camtasia and I did, but when I try to record the vid again the picture quality was very bad!
I play the vid in Camtasia and the picture quality was good, but when playback using my player the picture turns out to be poor.
How to fix this?


  • What are you trying to achieve? This codec encodes only if you have registered (or evaluation) camtasia installation. It is useless without camtasia, but if you have registered camtasia, then there is no need in camstudio:-)

    Please install TechSmith's Camtasia Studio screen recorder and video production tool.

    TSCC allows compression only if you have registered (or you are evaluating) Camtasia Studio.

    Visit www.techsmith.com for the latest Camtasia Studio version and product information.
  • Yeah I've install that but the picture quality was very bad when playing the vid in my media player...but it doesn't when load into the Camtasia editor...same even with Camtasia recorder!
    I'm quite certain that it is the bug with the codec!
  • "try to record video with Camstudio;it asks me to install Camtasia"

    Strange story and I do not see why we should discuss Camtasia issues here.
  • I know but before the codec use to record with better color quality but after I installed Camtasia why the quality drops? Is it something to do with the version of the codec? Or should I use a different codec.
    I've recently go back to MS video 1 but the file size was very big and the compress time was very long.
    Tried MSU codec but that doesn't give me what I want.
    Tried the Camstudio lossless codec 1.4 but the quality was not good too.
    Any other good screen recording codecs?
  • mltmlt
    edited October 2010
    Why don't you simply use camstudio codec 1.5 and recompress the result later? I personally use camstudio codec with 1280x720 resolution, and then recompress into HQ x264 with AAC sound.
  • edited October 2010
    Yep I tried that a while ago and the quality wasn't good even with the highest quality.
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