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Camstudio 2.6 beta system requirement

edited October 2010 in General Discussion
I just want to ask can you put up the system requirements for Camstudio 2.6 beta in the main camstudio.org page? This would be good for visitors because they will know what they need in order to run Camstudio.
I remember seeing it in the FAQ but that's outdated requirement of version 2.0 not 2.6 beta.


  • mltmlt
    edited October 2010
    The short answer is... it depends. If you want to record small area, than anything starting from PIII and Windows 2000 Pro should work reasonably (I guess). If you want to record a game play with a high resolution with a lossless quality, then I don't know. Windows 2000 Pro became a minimum since I try to push GDI+ for event visualization:-) In most cases users likely have something newer than that and it should be fine. It is possible to benchmark the fps for typical video resolutions, codecs, and activities, but it needs to be done. So probably it is a good idea to provide some feedback about your hardware, typical activity (office, video/gameplay), video size, audio quality, codecS used, fps. Perhaps even better is to make a configuration option to anonymously collect such statistics :-) And let users decide what fps is acceptable for them based on some stats on the web page.
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    Thanks for the post.
    Hi guys, Im a newbie. Nice to join this forum.
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