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Two Separate Files - avi and wav

Hi all,

I wanted to record a webinar tonight, and my tests were successful after I figured out the issues with recording from speakers. My problem now is that when I clicked STOP, the program didn't look like it was doing anything. I went into the folder I told it to save, and tried to open the largest AVI file. Then I got an error that it couldn't open the file. At that point I realized that I stopped the post recording processing process. I won't do that again.

So now I'm left with an AVI file, a TXT file, and two WAV files, one which is ~temp-20101126_1700_14.wav. The webinar was 3 hours long so I would like to be able to recover this if possible. Is there any way to join the AVI and WAV file(s) into a readable format? I did chose the CamStudio codec as it generates the smallest file I've seen yet.

Thanks all for any help for my stupid error.

I used CamStudio v2.6 r294.



  • You should be good as you still have temporary files. Just use VirtualDub as it was discussed on this forum. It can also re-compress stuff in other format. I personally prefer ffmpeg so you can get flv to be played with let's say FlowPlayer.
  • You only need the AVI and the WAV files.
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