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Change Preset Time Please

edited November 2010 in General Discussion
Firstly, thanks a million for making such a great and capable program.

I use the preset time option nearly all the time, and it would be very helpful if one could type in the number of seconds directly (instead of scrolling). What I find is as I switch to different times for each recording -- say 1080 for one, 3620 for another, and 720 for a third -- is that I almost always scroll right past the number as things move into high scroll speed. Hard to explain in words, perhaps easiest to try (with some example numbers).

So, if it is easy, I'm wondering if the preset time field could be made directly editable as well, so one can type in the number in addition to scrolling.

Other than that, Preset Time works like a charm. Thanks again for a a great program, and I look forward to on-goingly supporting it as you now are accepting donations.
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