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Yet another open source Non-Linear Editor is gonna be available!

edited December 2010 in General Discussion
I thought this might be useful as CamStudio doesn't have built-in post-processing features. AviSynth is not the easiest tool to work with for beginners. I hope it will support VFW codecs so CSCD can be used. Let's see. So here is the link:



  • Very cool! This looks quite promising.

    As far as VFW, they mention Matrox VFW codecs as a requirement, but the codecs seem very specific/proprietary.

    For those interested, here are more links:


  • Damn!

    That's a serious NLE app ... that looks like it's an open source equivalent of Avid or Final Cut Pro.

    A great find.
  • Holy Cow! This is Open Source now!!! What a video editor - for free!!!

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