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CamStudio 2.6b 294 video store issue when recorded finished.

Hello everyone and dear author of CamStudio. This is my first time to write a topic in this forum.I've found a major problem in CamStudio 2.6 294 beta version. The problem is: When I recorded finished, it'll not ask me to save the recorded video file to where, then it play with WMP(Windows Media Player)automatically. So I cant find the recorded videos are stored in where? Please help me to fix this problem, thank you.


  • Hello!,
    I am new as well in both CamStudio & Forum, but I can give you the answer to your problem: simply go to "Options > Program Options > Directory for recording > User user specified directory ..".

    There you will see the current options ( I suppose Windows temporary directory), but is better you specify a proper directory, for instance D:\VIDEOS

    Best regards,
  • Problem solved. Thank you very much! =)
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