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SWF crash when launched automaticaly from CamStudio

I run CamStudio 2.6 BETA release r294 and I want to generate SWF files, then after preshing STOP appear the screen "In Flash Konvertieren" (see image attached) where I hit OK, and then system crash:

I run Windows Vista x64. Here you are the video options I use (CamStudio Lossless code 1.5):

If I save the recording as AVI and then I run "SWF-Producer", in fact, it runs OK and creates the *.swf and *.html files.

But I note the progress bar that appear in the HTML page at the base of the recording is static, I means that not any movement in the progress bar appear, the "slider" is missing, then not possible to move the starting of the image, or to know how long the video is, this should be improved. Yes, it appears the three icons for Start-Pause-Stop, but the slider do not appear at all.

Also, based in your experience please suggest the best parameters to use to convert AVI to SWF in the above "In Flash Konvertieren" window for:
• "Sample/Playback Rate" and
• "Keyframe Rate", and the best parameters for
• "Audio Properties"

Best regards,
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