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video frame height

So after searching the forums for about 6 hours and not turning up the correct fix, I thought I'd see if anyone knows what's going on...

So I'm trying to capture fullscreen video (1440 x 900), everything goes fine until CS saves the video... I'm using the CS lossless codec, and when the capture is done I save the captured avi. The captured avi plays perfectly in the camstudio player. The avi however, shows a frame width of 1440, and a frame height of 835.. somehow the height is reduced.
I've tried CSbeta, CS2.0... complete unistallation and reinstallation.. I'm lost

Any ideas? Thanks!


  • tonyrums,

    That *IS* odd!

    Can you pull off 1280 X 720 OK?

    Seems an odd size you are going for - what is your purpose in selecting 1440 X 900?

    Also, I should mention (if you haven't seen this mentioned already) that CamStudio works much better recording windows or regions than it performs full-screen. And you are grabbing a huge number of pixels with that size!

  • This morning I tried to figure it out again... I was trying to use CS inside of a virtual machine, and for some reason, the virtual machine has a dynamic screen resolution. So even though it says 1440 x 900, it was really 1440 x 835. I figured that out when I opened and close the screen resolution properties in windows (7) and it showed 1440 x 835... I was running the virtual machine in full screen mode on a 1440 x 900 monitor, and CS had worked previously. Must be some glitch in the virtual machine resolution properties.

    So instead I ran CamStudio locally, and ran the virtual machine in fullscreen, and everything seems to work just fine (i'm guessing its because CS is looking at my machines resolution, and not the virtual machines.
  • edited February 2011

    Aha! Well, that's one less thing for us to fix for the new version!

    I'm still curious why you anticipate your viewers will have a 1440-wide screen - has that become a new standard for the new wide monitors? (Still running dual 19" monitors, each 1280X1024!) If you stream from digitizeworld.com, they accept it, but other video hosts have tighter restrictions on size in place (or will re-size your video to fit their standards).

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